Never have a clingy fashion faux pas or shocking encounter again! Try these helpful usage tips for how to apply Static Guard spray to instantly eliminate static cling around the house, in the office, as the seasons change and for your whole wardrobe. Static cling’s days are numbered! We’ve got tips to get rid of static cling for every occasion and situation.

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    Stay Warm and Fashionable!

    Stay warm this winter but also look great at the same time. • Plaid has made a comeback this season. Wear a plaid shirt with your favorite scarf or hat to stay extra warm. • Attention men and women! Accessorize your outfits with a scarf to complete your look. Spray your scarf with Static Guard… Read more »

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    Fall Is Here!

    Summer has come to an end.  Be prepared for this year’s change of season. Beat the crisp air by wearing sweaters, whether they are casual or dressy.  Not only are they very comfortable; they look great too! Bring out the boots! Heeled boots will dress up any outfit, while flat boots will dress it down… Read more »

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    Make Summer A Success

    Summer marks the time for fun in the sun. The following tips will help may your summer a success. Avoid dark colors to alleviate perspiration. Sunglasses are an essential during these bright days; not to mention, sunglasses can be a very stylish accessory. Remember to spray Static Guard on your outfits before packing them into… Read more »

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    Spring Dress and Fashion Tips

    Start with a good spring cleaning of your wardrobe; you may find that your unwanted items are in fact, desired by someone else. Online used clothing purchases are popular; Ebay makes it easy to get a few bucks for unwanted garments. It helps to carry a travel size can of Static Guard in you your… Read more »

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    Celebrity Hair Stylist Tip

    Dealing with hair static? Don’t be afraid to use Static Guard. First, spray your brush. Then, brush your hair. You will be rid of all static.

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  • Fall Layers

    Fall Layers

    Leggings and layers are always a style staple in the fall. To avoid static buildup spray leggings and all your layers with Static Guard before getting dressed.

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  • Fall Fashion

    Fall Fashion

    Boots paired with a skirt are always part of fall fashion. Be sure to spray nylons or tights with Static Guard to avoid a creeping hemline.

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  • Tailgating


    Avoid sparks at your next football game by spraying Static Guard on your stadium blanket before you use it.

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  • Fall Sweaters

    Fall Sweaters

    Time to break out those fall sweaters! To avoid static electricity, lightly spray Static Guard on sweaters before putting them on to prevent static shock.

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  • Outdoor Furniture

    Outdoor Furniture

    Avoid a shock from your plastic or resin lawn furniture. Simply spray Static Guard on a cloth and wipe over outdoor furniture. Great for use on children’s plastic outdoor toy sets, wagons and slides.

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  • Summer Linens

    Summer Linens

    Keep summer linens light and flowy. Simply spray with Static Guard and let them dry before dressing.

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  • Dry Summer Air

    Dry Summer Air

    Static electricity can occur whenever the air is dry. So, to keep your summer locks looking great, simply spray your comb or brush with Static Guard before using.

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