Shed Guard® spray

Ideal for effortless removal of pet hair from clothing, furniture, carpets, and automobiles.

Love your pet, but hate the shedding? Shed Guard® makes even the most stubborn pet hair a breeze to clean.Gets rid of pet hair faster and easier so you
can love your pet a little more.

Loosens stubborn pet hair from all surfaces, making it easier to pick up. Improves effectiveness of your own vacuum, pet brush, or lint roller. Simply spay on any surface and brush or vacuum pet hair away forever. Use with Shed Guard’s® special brush cap, or your own brushes or vacuum.


2 Responses to “Shed Guard® spray”

  1. gracecc5249

    This product works great. My favorite way, especially for winter jackets – spray the jacket and throw in the dryer, no hair left!


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