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  • Travel Wardrobe Emergency Kit

    Stash the travel size can of Static Guard® spray in your purse and you’ll always be in style and looking good. Static Guard goes hand in hand with making a good impression

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  • Holiday Travel Essentials to the Stars

    Keep Topstick Fashion-Fix Tape handy. You never know when you’re going to have a last-minute wardrobe change or malfunction and need to hold up a low neckline or hem too-long pants. A Bikini or favorite bathing suit: Your hotel or travel destination could always have a pool or Jacuzzi and you might be able to sneak… Read more »

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  • Fashion Secrets Everyone Should Know

    We all know an on stage slip up will haunt you forever. Don’t let a simple fashion mishap like a cling-on blouse, skirt and gown bring you down. Always have Static Guard on hand to avoid these types of static situations. If you can’t walk in the shoes, take them off! You’ll never perform your… Read more »

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